You just had to check, didn't you? Geez. Well, as long as you're here, welcome to Fledge! The premiere customizable web environment for kids!

Fledge Pledge We here at MHHI have been arduously plugging away to create a safe place for kids to amuse, express, and educate themselves. Fledge encourages curiosity, communication and customization. We think your kids will like it, and hope you will, too!

Fledge Explained Fledge is designed to be personalized entry into the World Wide Web. Using the MOLD feature, your child can choose from a variety of graphic themes the one that best reflects his or her interests and tastes (on any particular week). He or she can then further customize the page by selecting areas of interest and collecting favorite site categories. As well as being a unique start page to the Internet, on Fledge kids can SEARCH our reviewed database, chat with other Fledgelings and publish their masterpieces on POST HOST ; keep one foot on Fledge while surfing the net with HQ ; and explore areas of interest by checking out our continually updated categories.

Fledge Safe Those of us at McGraw-Hill Home Interactive slaving away on Fledge appreciate the need for security and safety. That's why MOLDING your Fledge is an entirely anonymous event. All POST HOST submissions are rigorously reviewed before posting to ensure that no inappropriate material is posted, no real names, addresses, or phone numbers are exchanged. We won't even know your kids real name, address, phone number or email unless he or she wins a contest. Should that happen, their Fledge page would ask them to contact us. All inquiries into interests and opinions are optional and are used only to further customize your kid's Fledge. The Internet, as discussed in the Terms of Usage Agreement, is an inherently dynamic and chaotic voice for individuals around the world. It may be an overwhelming place for a parent to set their child loose. Although no web site on its own can promise full Internet security from inappropriate materials, Fledge attempts to create an environment rich in sites appropriate for and interesting to kids. For additional security measures, there are a number of products available at retail to regulate your child's access to the Internet, such as CyberPatrol, Surfwatch, NetNanny and Time's up. (We neither endorse nor dismiss any of these or other products). With years of educational publishing experience, McGraw-Hill is uniquely qualified and ever eager to ensure that your son or daughter receives the best experiences available on the Internet.

Fledge Family We figure you might like to know more about what your kids are doing glued to the computer all day and since the Fledge database is really supposed to be for kids, we exploited our web researches a bit more and asked them to collect a few parenting and family sites that might be of particular interest to you. These are just a few of the many excellent sites available on the web and aren't intended to represent a bias for or against any sites mentioned or excluded. Some of the more popular sites include:
	Family Planet
	Family Internet
	National Parent Information Network
	Parents Place

Fledge Feedback Because the World Wide Web is ever-changing, even our dynamic, super hero in disguise web reviewers cannot manage the entire web all by themselves(it's called the World Wide Web for a reason). That's why we would love to hear from you. If you know of any sites that you think should be added to Fledge, submit them. If there are any sites on Fledge that have changed and no longer reflect the mission we have set forth for Fledge, then email us. We will sick our reviewers on the site immediately. We might be young and we might be old, but we aren't you - we need YOU to tell US what you think.

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