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Pinnacle Systems

As Director of Web Operations at Pinnacle Systems, I interfaced with the outside vendor who created the individual design as an image file. Using that image file as a guide I created the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code that made it a functional HTML page. I also managed the programming team that created the ASP code to inter and retrieve information from the MS SQL Server database. JavaScript used to dynamically change text and images upon menu rollover. Style Sheets (CSS) are used to for font consistancy and rapid re-development.

3Com Corporation

As Senior Graphic Designer for 3Com I designed and implemented the home page using results from usability studies and focus groups. Usability studies were then conducted comparing this new design with the then-current home page. Using task-driven analysis, users of this homepage experienced a 20% increase in first-click success rate. The use of buy-now buttons for modems went up 25% despite no promotions running at the time. JavaScript is used to read and display the current date from the user's computer, to dynamically change the news graphic and associated URL, and to automatically forward the user upon drop-down menu selection.


Due to last-minute dismissal of inadequate vendor, I designed, built comps, gained executive approval and created all graphics and HTML code to completely redesign the corporate website in a period of two weeks. JavaScript was used for navigation rollovers and for the dynamic "News" marquee.


Champweb is a web site for auto racing fans. The owner wanted a site that was visually captivating and led the user to information about the type of racing they were interested in. The news stories, comlunists articles and fast poll information would all be replaced dynamically as new items were created. I worked with this team to design the back-end strategy, logic and database structure to accomplish this. I also created this comp as the first visual representation of how the site would appear and navigate. This site is still under development.

Washington Executive Consultants

A web site I designed and built for a an HR consulting firm to compliment their business cards, whick I also designed. It uses Style Sheets (CSS) for font manageability and JavaScript for menu rollovers, date display, dynamic "What's New!" marquee, and dynamic "Quote of the Day".


This was a web site I designed and built for a local realtor. Her old web site was very slow downloading, so she asked if I could improve the download time. In only ten minutes I reduced the file size/download time by 50%, so I was hired to completely remake the website.


Fledge was created in 1996 as a dynamically generated portal for youths aged 8 - 14. A staff artist created the initial design, and I implemented it using Oracle PL/SQL on an Oracle Web Server talking to an Oracle 7 database, everything hosted on a Microsoft NT server. Besides being a completely dynamic web site (very unique in 1996) Fledge gave it's users the ability to choose one of five "themes" which would change the graphical appearence of the entire web site.

McGraw-Hill Home Interactive

McGraw-Hill Home Interactive was a educational video game company. The corporate web site was designed by a staff artist and I created the HTML coding to make it a functional web site. All of the HTML was hand-coded using Microsoft Notepad.