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You've reached the web page for Jennifer and Michael Parks, adventurers (hey, life's an adventure), world travelers (it's a small world), and all-around fun folks!

Like many people, we have many hobbies and interests. Currently, the most-practiced are: ballooning, motor cycling, and golf (yes, yes, I know, but we were playing before Tiger).

Ballooning is a beautiful and peaceful sport, with colorful envelopes silhouetted against the bucolic sky.

Motor cycling is both practical and fun. The machine that delivers you to daily drudgery (commuting to work) can be the same one that takes you on exhillariting excursions through beautiful and majestic mountains.

Golf is, well, golf. You hit a little ball (that never did anything to you), walk after it, and hit it again. In order to avoid further punishment, the ball hides in a little hole. When you find it (they have flags on sticks to help), you start hitting it all over again. Makes as much sense as any other sport.

We're Flame Buoyant!